Taking off-ramps can pay off, sometimes

Being a tour guide at the SAB World of Beer has exposed me to so much about people’s culture and traditions.

I love meeting and talking to different people and having conversations with them, because there are so many things you could learn from them; and luckily for me, I work at a place that allows me to do just that – every day.

My most memorable day started off like any other at the SAB World of Beer. I had the privilege of conducting a tour with 15 German tourists who were visiting our beautiful country.

We were joined by five local tourists. A few minutes into the tour, I noticed the Germans were getting restless. If you didn’t know, the Germans are well known for their love and knowledge of beer.

One of the German tourists then stood and said:  “No, no! Let us tell you about beer.”

After hearing all the cheers from the rest of my group, my German tourists continued to tell us all about their beer, the way they brew it to how they enjoy it, particularly at their annual beer fest, and all the crazy things they get up to.

We were all so dazzled by the stories that we didn’t even notice that we had gone way past our tour time limit. I have never laughed so hard in my life! It is a day that has stuck with me since it happened.

Prosit! (That’s “cheers” in German )

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