Ni hao, and traditional beer: my SAB World of Beer experiences

Since working as a tour guide at the South African Breweries World of Beer, I have met people from many walks of life.

I especially love my friends from Asia who are always excited to take pictures of me and everyone they meet on tour. I also speak a bit of Mandarin Chinese; for example, “ni hao” means “hello”.

I started working as a tour guide in 2011, and I must say at first it was scary and astonishing. Firstly, being able to speak in front of a group of people whom you don’t know took a lot of courage, but I grew into it.

Going on the beer tour with visitors is special because I get to see them smile and enjoying themselves, especially at Ukhamba, where they get to learn about how to make traditional African beer and also taste it.

African Lion is also a favourite because that’s where they get to get the halfway beer, and experience township life at the Sowetan Shebeen.

This place has taught me to be confident and to be my own person. Also working here, I’ve gained a little family who love each and cherish each other.

So, overall, my experience at the World of Beer has been memorable.

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