Leekwa and belly: Brenda Moabi shares some funny World of Beer moments

Being a tour guide at the SAB World of Beer for the past 10 years has been fulfilling, rewarding and fun. I have learnt a lot and met many people from all walks of life.

My favourite part of the job is training new guides, because you get to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. So far I have welcomed and trained about 15 tour guides. Each of them has his or her own little quirks, and there have been some funny experiences while on training.

I am not going to mention names but I will share with you the funniest things I have heard: one trainee could not pronounce the word “barley”. He kept on saying “belly”, which sounded like “beer belly”. He tried and tried, and eventually he got it right.

Another trainee could not pronounce the word liquor, and kept on saying “leekwa”. I would shout out loud: “liquor not leekwa!”, and she would repeat after me, also with her voice raised. In this way we were able to get her pronunciation right.

The two tour guides in question are still with us today. They are a great part of the team and continue to do a fantastic job.

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