Invite SAB to your Christmas lunch this year

Christmas in South Africa is hardly the stuff of snowmen, mistletoe, reindeer and roaring fires (unless they're braai fires, of course).

Make no mistake, we love the traditional fare that goes with Christmas: a range of roasts, crispy potatoes, fresh veggies, rich gravy, sauces, trifle, Christmas pudding and more. It’s just that we do things a little differently under the African sun.

When planning your Christmas menu this year, don’t forget to invite SAB to the party – there are myriad ways to pair our great range of beverages with your festive feast. Here are a few ideas to consider ...

With temperatures in the 30-degree range in many parts of the country during December, our Brutal Fruit cocktails or Flying Fish flavoured beer make the perfect welcome drink as family and friends gather to catch up on Christmas Day.

Served ice-cold in tall glasses with a sprig of mint for decoration, we suggest the preservative-free delights of Brutal Fruit cranberry and apple-ginger set up on a silver tray.

Light starters like prawns or smoked salmon pâté are well complemented by a Brutal Fruit of your choice. The bite of litchi or lemon offsets the saltiness of seafood, as does Flying Fish pressed lemon.

Outdoors, the Weber braai is the most fun way to cook a variety of Christmas roasts. Whether it’s a large gammon, turducken, turkey, Cornish hen, beef or lamb, a well-tended fire can deliver amazing results.

These rich meats with their accompanying sauces – beef with garlic and rosemary gravy; gammon with honey and mustard; lamb with mint sauce; turkey with gravy – lend themselves to pairing with SAB’s latest offering, Carling Blue Label.

This rich, malty beer is best described as being bold on the palate thanks to the use of a single malted barley in its creation – enjoy!

Those who prefer something a little lighter would do well with a cold Miller Genuine Draft. The popularity of this beer in more than 80 countries worldwide can be ascribed to Miller’s four-times cold-filtration process, which produces a golden lager with a very smooth finish.

The best part of the Christmas meal is often dessert. While home-made Christmas puddings laced with brandy and small coins are fun, a warm mince pie with fresh custard is not as rich, but is equally flavoursome.

Although not strictly Christmassy, a dessert that incorporates chocolate in some shape or form is guaranteed to be a hit. We found one that Jamie Oliver’s mum recommends – why not give it a try this year?

Before you serve this yummy pudding, serve small glasses of Castle Milk Stout Chocolate. With its dark colour, malty chocolate character and real cocoa in the ingredients, this is a perfect foil for your 2015 dessert.

The SAB World of Beer wishes you and yours happy holidays, Merry Christmas and bon appétit!

Come and have lunch with us this festive season

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