A year of beer tastings awaits

In 2016, the SAB World of Beer will be continuing to serve up its pioneering (and downright delicious) beer-and-food pairing lunches every month.

These lunches, which the World of Beer first introduced in 2015, have been enormously successful and, month after month, attract beer lovers, foodies, and those curious about the artistic fusion of the two.

Guests are guided through the process by an expert in the industry, such as SAB trade brewer Anton Erasmus, ensuring that every subtle flavour is experienced and enjoyed.

"Beer complements food, it doesn’t just supplement it," says Erasmus. "The way we [SAB] process it, we put flavours into our beer that go well with cooked food and there is a complementarity in the grains. Beer goes with food because it is food ... a lot of the preparation is very similar."

The first beer-pairing lunch for the year will be a Valentine's Day lunch, held on Saturday, 13 February 2016. The delectable menu includes:

  • Smoked salmon rosettes on a toasty bruschetta with cream cheese and deep-fried capers
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Fillet of springbok carved on creamy mashed potato with a pink peppercorn sauce, vegetables and crispy pancetta
  • Deep-fried crumbed Camembert cheese wedge with red onion marmalade served with mini baguettes 
  • Decadent chocolate brownie with espresso Anglaise, berry coulis, vanilla ice cream and a phyllo fan

The beers with which each course is paired will be determined by the brew master.

Book your tickets today by contacting the World of Beer. Keep an eye on our blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, for information on our beer pairings each month.

Come and have lunch with us this festive season

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