Green beer for St Patrick's Day on 17 March

Taps will be flowing green at the World of Beer on 17 March in celebration of those who believe in shamrocks, shillelaghs and their patron saint, St Patrick.

It’s that special day of the year when anyone with Irish roots raises a glass or two to St Patrick (c. AD 385–461), patron saint of Ireland.

To go with your mug of green draught beer, there may even be some traditional Irish music to enjoy and an Irish dish on the menu at the pub at the end of the World of Beer tour, one of South Africa's top attractions. The tour is an interactive journey of discovery that shares the history of beer from its humble origins to the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick Lá Fhéile Pádraig in Gaelic, is a cultural and religious occasion that has been celebrated by the Irish in Europe since the ninth and tenth centuries.

During the early 1600s, under the influence of Franciscan scholar Luke Wadding, St Patrick’s feast day was placed on the liturgical calendar in the Catholic Church, making it a holy day of obligation for Roman Catholics in Ireland.

St Patrick’s Day became an official Christian feast day in the early 1700s and has continued to be observed as such by the Catholic Church, thd Church of Ireland, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Lutheran Church.

Today, 17 March is the day on which the Irish diaspora across the world celebrates St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland – and Irish heritage and culture in general.

Celebrations take the form of public parades and festivals, as well as cèilidh, traditional Gaelic social gatherings at which folk music and dancing takes place at which green attire or shamrocks are worn.

Christians attend church services on the day and self-imposed restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol during the 40 days of Lent are lifted for the day, which leads to a great deal of partying.

Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador. It is also widely celebrated in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

A beer tour with a spooky twist

Venue SAB World of Beer
Date Friday 30 October 2015
Time 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
Price Haunted beer tour: R135; haunted beer tour and tasting: R210

Halloween falls on 31 October each year and is the start of a three-day observance of Allhallowtide, which involves remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all departed believers.

While this may sound serious – and certainly has some very strong religious heritage and traditions – Halloween also involves an element of humour and ridicule in the face of death, a mad spookiness that brings out some wicked revelry among the living.

At the World of Beer this Halloween, we’ll be hosting beer tours as you've never experienced them before. Trust no one, be careful of dark corners, and watch out for those witches' brews – you have no idea what's gone into them! Consider yourselves warned: we've got more than a few tricks and treats up our sleeves.

We’ll be hosting three haunted beer tours on Friday 30 October, at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Choose between our haunted beer tour for R135 or our haunted beer tour and tasting for R210. Pick up your tickets on Groupon today and join us if you dare.

Please note that Halloween at the World of Beer is taking place a day earlier than it is for the rest of the world. This is because we've got the Rugby World Cup final to look forward to on 31 October 2015. Please join us for that too!

Eat, drink and be merry at the SAB World of Beer this festive season

Christmas trees are up in the stores, tinsel's lining the aisles and mince pies are on the shelves, already calling your name. Whether you're ready for it or not, the festive season is fast approaching. Less than two months to go!

As you start to plan your year-end adventures, we thought it best to let you know that, apart from a brief break on Christmas Day, 25 December, the SAB World of Beer will be open as every day between 10am and 6pm. That's right. That means that you can bring your local or international visitors around for a beer tour, put your taste buds to the test at one of our beer tastings or stop by for a scrumptious pub lunch in our Tap Room any time you like. We'll be open on the public holidays falling around that time, including the Day of Goodwill and New Year's Day. 

And just to remind you what our various offerings involve: a beer tour costs R95 per person and a tour and beer tasting costs R140. The tour, the last of which takes place at 5pm, includes a 75-minute guided tour, a souvenir glass, a half-way draught, two drinks vouchers and bar snacks redeemable at the Taproom after the tour. Our tour and tasting is on offer between 11am and 3pm and includes a two-hour full beer tour and a tasting of six of SAB's power brands. Our Taproom will be open for scrumptious pub lunches. 

The Joburg red bus will also be running throughout the festive season, without closing at all, which will make getting around a whole lot easier. Book your red bus tickets or contact us with any queries

A year of beer tastings awaits

In 2016, the SAB World of Beer will be continuing to serve up its pioneering (and downright delicious) beer-and-food pairing lunches every month.

These lunches, which the World of Beer first introduced in 2015, have been enormously successful and, month after month, attract beer lovers, foodies, and those curious about the artistic fusion of the two.

Guests are guided through the process by an expert in the industry, such as SAB trade brewer Anton Erasmus, ensuring that every subtle flavour is experienced and enjoyed.

"Beer complements food, it doesn’t just supplement it," says Erasmus. "The way we [SAB] process it, we put flavours into our beer that go well with cooked food and there is a complementarity in the grains. Beer goes with food because it is food ... a lot of the preparation is very similar."

The first beer-pairing lunch for the year will be a Valentine's Day lunch, held on Saturday, 13 February 2016. The delectable menu includes:

  • Smoked salmon rosettes on a toasty bruschetta with cream cheese and deep-fried capers
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Fillet of springbok carved on creamy mashed potato with a pink peppercorn sauce, vegetables and crispy pancetta
  • Deep-fried crumbed Camembert cheese wedge with red onion marmalade served with mini baguettes 
  • Decadent chocolate brownie with espresso Anglaise, berry coulis, vanilla ice cream and a phyllo fan

The beers with which each course is paired will be determined by the brew master.

Book your tickets today by contacting the World of Beer. Keep an eye on our blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, for information on our beer pairings each month.

SAB World of Beer launches tour to Alrode Brewery

Think you’ve experienced the very best of what the World of Beer has to offer? Think again! We’ve introduced a new tour and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

For the first time, you can now combine your visit to the World of Beer with a trip to SAB's Alrode Brewery, the largest brewery in Africa and, until very recently, the largest brewery in the southern hemisphere.

Alrode Brewery was established in 1965 and was taken over by SAB in 1971. In the beginning it had a total installed capacity of just 380 000 hectolitres per year. Today it boasts a whopping capacity of 8.8-million hectolitres per year, amounting to 28% of SAB's 31.4-million hectolitre capacity in South Africa. It has three Steinecker brew houses on site (two 660 hectolitre brew length and one enormous 1 500 hectolitre brew length), 96 fermentation vessels, 60 maturation vessels, three filters and 26 bright beer tanks.

You've got to see it to believe it.

On Friday 19 August, the World of Beer launched its very first tour to Alrode Brewery. Visitors arrived at the World of Beer at 9.30am, in time to attend a shortened beer tour at 10am. At 11.15am, just when our beer tour would usually leave the shebeen to offer some insight into the brewing process, visitors were whisked from the premesis and shuttled off to Alrode, about half an hour's drive from the World of Beer, to experience the beer-brewing process in action.

Nothing can prepare you for the scale of Alrode and for the sheer volume of beer that is produced there every single day. The numbers beggar belief.

Alrode's plant size covers 25 rugby fields and 2.1-milion litres of beer are brewed per day, using 8-million litres of water in the process and producing up to 70 tonnes of steam per hour. To cover all of these beers, Alrode has to print 4.2-million labels every year or 75 000 labels per week. The brewery produces Castle, Carling Black Label, Hansa Pilsener, Castle Milk Stout, Castle Lite and Miller Genuine Draft.

Visitors were guided through some of the brewery's most impressive sites by experienced trade brewer, Anton Erasmus, who paused to explain the many processes in place in the boiler room, brew house, control room, filtration plant, the fermenting and lagering farms, and the packaging plant. There are two labellers In the packaging plant, explained Anton. "Each of them can do 80% of the line's rate of capacity. So if by some fluke there's a gearbox breakdown on one, we could still run the line at 80% capacity ... Also, there's double redundancy. This one, here," he said pointing to the labeller closest to his wrapt audience, "is putting on the front label, but right next to it there's a stationary one already linked up, in case the first one goes wrong. So there's basically four times the amount of the line capacity just for back label, front label, side labels and foil."

It's difficult to describe the enormity of the packaging plant, which is why we'll let the pictures do the talking – although even they can't do it justice.


At the end of the tour, visitors returned to the World of Beer in time for a late lunch in our Tap Room, where they discussed their experiences and enjoyed a few pints of the beers that have made SAB famous the world over.

"We're always looking for ways to enhance our visitors' experience at the World of Beer," said World of Beer general manager Tony Rubin, "and combining our tour with a behind-the-scenes look at Alrode Brewery really allows us to take things to the next level. The scale of Alrode is just so impressive, the process so fascinating, that it's sure to amaze everyone, from novice beer drinkers to seasoned brewers."

The World of Beer’s Alrode tours will be open to the public from September, with the inaugural public tour taking place on the 23rd. Thereafter, tours will take place on one Friday every month and, ultimately, every week.

The tour, which includes a guided visit through both the World of Beer and the Alrode Brewery, as well as transport, refreshments and lunch, comes at a cost of only R380 per person. Please note that space is limited to 20 people per tour, making the experience perfect for small personal gatherings or professional team-building events. Contact us today for more information. 

Getting crafty: March's beer pairing

Our next beer-pairing lunch is fast approaching and, this time, we're getting seriously crafty.

The craft beer industry has taken the world by storm – and South Africa is no exception. Beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike have been drawn to the subtleties of beers that use a wider variety of ingredients in greater quantities to enhance flavour and overall quality. SAB's very own craft beer, No 3 Fransen Street, continues to be one of the best-selling beers at the SAB World of Beer Tap Room.

The flavours inherent in craft beers, typically richer and more complex than commercial beers, lend themselves naturally to being paired with unusual and interesting dishes.

With this in mind, the SAB World of Beer team has put together a menu unlike any other we've created before.

Our March craft beer pairing includes:

  • Cold oak-wood smoked salmon on a bed of crunchy baby leaves, rosa tomatoes and mandarin segments drizzled with ceviche dressing, served with No 3 Fransen Street Krystal Weiss
  • Slow cooked Asian-style pulled pork slider topped with creamy wasabi coleslaw and lightly sweetened maple syrup, served with paprika spiced potato wedges, served with No 3 Fransen Street Red Irish Ale
  • Apple and ginger granita Cape Malay shrimp and chicken curry served with a duo of jasmine and plain basmati rice, chutney, sambals and a poppadum shard, served with Carling Blue Label
  • Banoffee cheesecake with decadent chocolate crumble, served with a No 3 Fransen Street Cream Ale

This amazing offer comes with at a cost of R450 per person. Please note that this extravagant menu comes with two warnings: book early and come hungry. Bookings are open until Friday 4 March; contact us today.

SAB World of Beer hosts April Fools' comedy show with Goliath and Goliath

Venue SAB World of Beer
Date Friday, 1 April 2016
Time 7.30pm to 10pm
Price R340 per person, tickets available on Webtickets

What better date for an evening of laughter and comedy than 1 April? The SAB World of Beer will be making the most of this traditional day of fun by partnering with stand-up comedy company, Goliath and Goliath, to host an April Fools' comedy show at our Newtown home. 

An entertaining and talented line-up will feature the comedic talents of Mojak Lehoko (your host), Chris Forrest, Loyiso Madinga, Glen Biderman-Pam and Mo Mothebe.

Deadpan delivery and a dry sense of humour have endeared Chris Forrest to local audiences for the past 15 years. A regular performer on South Africa's premier comedy show The Heavyweight Comedy Jam, which regularly tours the country, Chris has also appeared on South Africa’s popular Blacks Only show.

Currently performing stand-up comedy across the country and touring with his one-man shows, Mojak Lehoko is an international Emmy-nominated writer, Comic's Choice-nominated stand-up comedian and actor. He started performing in a pub in 2010 before launching his highly acclaimed one-man show How Did I Get Here? in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Along with scripting and performance credits on the Late Nite News, Mojak also wrote a screenplay for's Ekasi Stories movie series, entitled A Wanna Be.

Glen Biderman-Pam is an actor/comedian with half a dozen Shakespearean roles under his belt. He made his professional theatre debut in 2011 at the Wits Downstairs Theatre and the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown as David Levitt in Somewhere on the Border.

Glen has performed stand-up comedy at Jou Ma se Comedy Club and Armchair Sundays in Cape Town, and at Parkers at Montecasino and The Box at Maboneng's PopArt Theatre in Johannesburg.

Winner of the Comics’ Choice Award for Best Newcomer 2014, Loyiso Madinga performs under the name LOYMAD. A familiar face at Goliath & Goliath's AWEdnesday Comedy, Loyiso has also performed at Parker’s, The Box, Primi’s Comedy Wednesday and at the Market Theatre. His growing popularity led to Loyiso performing at the Teatro at Montecasino in the line-up for the Nando’s Comedy Show.

Fresh to the local comedy scene, Tshireletso “Mo” Mothebe is a Johannesburg-based comedian who began his comedy career just three years ago. Mothebe’s performances in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Grahamstown have left audiences in stitches, and his popularity growing by leaps and bounds.

Can't think of a better way to spend April Fools'? Neither can we!

The laughter starts at 7.30pm and the show runs until 10pm in the Gallery at the World of Beer. The show is two hours' long, with brief intervals after each of the comedy acts to fill your glass with a range of SAB beverages on sale at the bar. Drinks vouchers will be on sale at reception.

And if all the laughter makes your tummy rumble, fear not, because our Tap Room Restaurant will remain open until 7.30pm for the convenience of hungry guests.

A limited number of tickets for the show are available for R340 through Webtickets. For any more information, please contact us

An Easter beer hunt for adults

Venue SAB World of Beer
Date Friday, 25 March to Monday, 28 March 2016
Time 10 am to 4pm (last tour ends just before 6pm)
Price R105 per beer tour, includes two beers and a commemorative glass

This year, the SAB World of Beer will be reviving the annual Easter hunt tradition – this time, for adults.

We'll be open throughout the Easter weekend, and will be introducing a few Easter-specific elements for the over 18s on our beer tour.

In countries including Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and England, it is tradition to brew special Easter beers to be served alongside Easter dinner.  

“Although we are not brewing any special beers for our South African Easter, you do get to taste traditional beer while sitting in a mock African village,” says Tony Rubin, general manager of the World of Beer. 

“To make Easter a little more fun for the adults on our beer tours, we're also hiding SAB brand logos along the way. Those with the keenest eyes will win a beer prize at the end of the tour.”  

If you'd like to delve a little further into the World of Beer, join us for a beer tasting after the tour. This package, which comes at a cost of R160 per person, includes a tour, tasting of six different SAB brands, two beers in the Tap Room and a commemorative glass.

To book, please contact us today.

The world's two types of people

As far as we're concerned, there are two types of people in the world: those who love the way we carefully pair food and beer, and those who haven't experienced it yet.

Our April beer pairing – taking place at midday on Saturday 16 April – is just around the corner and, once again, we've got something spectacular in store for you.

Our menu this month has been carefully crafted by our culinary team to bring you flavours that complement and enhance the SAB beers with which they have been paired. Take a look at the menu items below, and try to keep your salivating to a minimum. Actually, salivate all you want, but know that the only cure can be found in booking your tickets through Groupon today.

This month's menu includes:

  • Lightly curried butternut soup topped with a coriander cream, and served with a cheese straw. Paired with Peroni
  • Fillet of hake poached in milk and scented with cumin, napped with a dill yoghurt and micro herbs. Paired with Hansa Pilsener
  • Brutal Fruit Cranberry granita. Paired with Brutal Fruit Cranberry
  • Peppered fillet of springbok carved on to a creamy mash potato, with cumberland sauce, pearl vegetables and a pancetta crisp. Paired with Carling Black Label
  • A rich chocolate brownie with an espresso Anglaise and a vanilla ice cream. Paired with Castle Milk Stout

Grab your friends, your family, your colleagues – group bookings are welcome – and make sure you fall into the more enlightened and satisfied category of people on the planet.

Please contact us with any questions at all.

Enjoy the SAB World of Beer tour for just R10

It's been 21 years since former president Nelson Mandela opened the doors to the SAB World of Beer. Twenty-one years of celebrating the history and culture of beer; of offering fun, interactive and educational tours; of putting taste buds to the test with our beer tastings; and, more recently, of providing beer-and-food pairings.

Twenty-one years! We can't believe it either.

The World of Beer was originally established as the Centenary Centre to celebrate SAB's centenary in 1995 by showcasing the company and the history of beer in South Africa. Back then, entrance to the Centenary Centre cost just R10. To celebrate our birthday this year, we'll be revisiting this price, charging just R10 for a beer tour on Sunday 15 May. Tours and beer tastings will also be on special for the birthday price of just R105.

Once again: we can't believe it either.

In his speech at the opening of the Centenary Centre, Mandela said: "This centre will also help to remind us of a history we neglect at our peril. Inevitably, a product as integral to the culture and economy of a society as is yours, traces in its own history, the history of its society.

"People will also be reminded that, for all their hole-in-the-wall status, shebeens played an influential role in our cultural development, particularly in music and writing. This is where many of our top artists honed their talents.

“But in addition to its instructive lessons, the centre will without doubt help promote tourism in this area and in Johannesburg as a whole. It is, therefore, a valuable addition to the economic assets of the Gauteng province.”

As the years have passed, the SAB World of Beer has grown and changed. Says general manager Tony Rubin: "Our evolution came about when the World of Beer started to offer conferencing facilities and pitched itself as a five-star conference facility in the city. This was clearly a good decision and the World of Beer has become the preferred conference facility for many large corporates.

"We have also further evolved into a venue that promotes the culture of beer and the responsible consumption of this widely loved beverage. Our food-and-beer pairing lunches are starting to gain popularity and they are now regularly held once a month. We are also offering food-and-beer pairing to corporates as an add-on to their conferences. Beer tasting, as an extension to our tour, has been another innovation that has been well received by our visitors, as well as corporates looking for new ways to enjoy their team-building events."

With all of this available, there's never been a better time to visit the World of Beer.

Come and wish us happy birthday on Sunday 15 May and enjoy a tour at a price not seen in 21 years: a mere R10. Tickets are available on Webtickets.

We're rugby mad (again)

Venue SAB World of Beer
Date Saturday, 18 June 2016
Time 10am to 4pm
Price R300 per person; tickets available on Webtickets

Rugby season is in full swing and the international games are fast approaching. When the Springboks take on Ireland at Emirates Airline Park on Saturday, 18 June, there's nowhere better to get your pre-game gees on than the SAB World of Beer.

We'll be offering a pre-game rugby package for the whole day, starting at 10am and ending at 4pm. Our packages includes our award-winning, 75-minute beer tour as well as:

  • A halfway half-draught
  • A souvenir glass
  • Four drinks vouchers
  • A delicious chicken or beef prego roll, served with chips and a salad

We'll be running tours every half-hour before the game, which kicks off at 5pm. Please note that this package doesn't include transport to the stadium or tickets to the game.

Of course, all of this is sure to be infused with some serious rugby spirit. So don your Springbok jersey (or your Ireland one, if you must) and head on down to the World of Beer. 

Tickets cost R300 per person and are available on Webtickets, and bookings are essential.

For any more information, please contact us. You can also keep up with our Facebook event page for all the latest news.

Five reasons to visit the World of Beer this Father's Day

There are many reasons you should visit the World of Beer this Father's Day, 19 June. So many, in fact, that it took us some time to limit them to the top five. But we got there. Take a look at our ideas below and make sure you've booked your Father's Day spot at the World of Beer today. 

  1. Discounted tickets for dad. This Father's Day, dads get special discounted rates for both beer tours and four our tours and tastings package. Beer tours come at a cost of just R80 (as opposed to R105), and the tours and tastings cost only R120 (as opposed to R160).* Our tours include a history of this remarkable beverage, a glimpse into its role in South African society over the years, and insights into the beer-making process.
  2. Sample your favourite SAB beers. Our beer tour includes a half-way half pint to quench the thirst that you and your dad have acquired along the way, as well as two drinks vouchers for you to enjoy in our Tap Room at the end of the tour. We've got a number of SAB brands on tap in our Tap Room, including No. 3 Fransen Street, SAB's craft beer.
  3. Stand in line for our raffle. A raffle will take place at midday, 2pm and 4pm. Make sure your dad's name is in so that he stands a chance to win a variety of prizes. Gifts are up for grabs for first, second and third place. 
  4. Indulge in our pub lunch. We've got meals just for dad this Father's Day. In particular, we recommend our exceptional Castle Milk Stout oven-baked beef pie, our Hansa Marzen Gold-basted chicken or our hake in Castle Lager batter 
  5. Pick up a gift on the way out. What better day to end off a memorable day than with a literal momento? Take a look in our gift shop, Tankards & Togs, on your way out for everything from branded beer glasses to golf shirts, watches and wallets. 

Bookings on Father's Day are essential. For more information, please contact Felicia Mokhehle on 011 836 4900 or at

* Please note that this price is for fathers only.

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