Come and have lunch with us this festive season

The SAB World of Beer's Tap Room is the perfect place to unwind this festive season. With views over the historic cultural precinct of Newtown and some of the most delicious pub lunches you're likely to experience – not to mention a host of cold beers in this wonderful summer heat – there's really nowhere else to be.

The World of Beer, obviously, is all about beer, which means that, when it comes to our Tap Room, beer is not only served in glasses, but is also an ingredient in several of the dishes on our menu. Be sure to sample our hake in Castle Lager batter; our chicken, leek, corn and pea pie braised in Castle Lite; and our Castle Milk Stout oven-baked beef pie. If you're in the mood for something lighter, there are also a range of salads, toasted paninis and wraps to choose from.

Our Tap Room is open from 10am to 6pm every day. If you join us on one of our tours, you will be treated to two complimentary drinks in the Tap Room afterwards. If you've already experienced our tour and would prefer to head straight to the Tap Room, R40 will see you inside along with two ice-cold beers in hand.

As work quietens down, and the long and languorous summer days extend ahead of you, be sure to pull up a chair at the World of Beer Tap Room. We're open throughout the festive season, except Christmas Day.

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Beer-pairing first at SAB World of Beer

The SAB World of Beer officially launched its monthly beer-pairing events on Thursday 9 July to a curious and, by the end of the evening, delighted audience.

“We’re very excited about this evening," said World of Beer general manager Tony Rubin before the first course was served. "Food and beer pairing has not been extensively explored in South Africa and we are pleased to pilot these events tonight."

The event was attended by invited guests, members of the press and members of the South African Chefs Association. 

"South African Breweries (SAB) has been a partner to the chefs for the last 40 years, so we're very proud to be here and to support any initiative that the breweries come up with. And we're looking forward to tasting quality food paired with quality beers," said Stephen Billingham, president of the chefs' association.

The event will be open to the public from the end of August.

SAB trade brewer Anton Erasmus hosted the evening, his knowledge and passion about beer evident in his every utterance and every satiated sip.

"Beer complements food, it doesn’t just supplement it," said Erasmus. "The way we [SAB] process it, we put flavours into our beer that go well with cooked food and there is a complementarity in the grains. Beer goes with food because it is food ... a lot of the preparation is very similar."

Erasmus designed the menu, most of which came to him a few years ago when he started playing with the aromas and flavours of beers and food.

“Where a blind beer tasting might confuse some people, many will clearly be able to differentiate the beers from one another during a pairing," he said.

The evening began with a Castle Lager taster, which Erasmus guided guests through. They slowly appreciated the nose and took a long, considered sip before swallowing. "I bet no one’s ever experienced a Castle like that before," he laughed.

With that the evening's first course was served: a lightly curried butternut soup topped with coriander cream and served with a cheese straw – paired with Peroni Nastro Azzurro. "We simply don't know why these two go so well together," said Erasmus, "but if you taste the soup with the beer almost simultaneously, it just blends."

The second course, hake fillet poached in milk and scented with cumin, covered with a dill yoghurt and micro herbs, was paired with Hansa Pilsener, and was all about "texture [of the food] and about complementing the bone dry texture of the Hansa Pilsener".

The palate cleaner that followed was a cranberry Brutal Fruit granita, paired with Brutal Fruit Cranberry, before the evening's pièce de résistance: peppered springbok fillet carved on to a creamy mashed potato with Cumberland sauce, pearl vegetables and a pancetta crisp, paired with Pilsner Urquell.

"This beer," said Erasmus, speaking of Pilsner Urquell, "epitomises what beers would have been 150 years ago. Beers were full of flavour and were an expected part of the table." In a meal filled with rich and varied flavours, this is a beer capable of outdoing and outlasting every item, he added.

The delectable dessert comprised a rich chocolate brownie with espresso anglaise and vanilla ice cream – paired with Castle Milk Stout, which Erasmus described, quite simply, as a “flavour bomb".

“Stout is the gourmet part of what SAB does but it’s not marketed as such. We’re showing what’s possible.”

In closing, Erasmus said, "Beers are versatile with food. It’s our imaginations that cut possibilities short."

When asked what he thought of the evening at the end of his five-course meal, guest David April from the David April Arts Consultancy said, “It was a symphony of tastes. I didn’t even think that it was possible to do this. So it was an unusually beautiful experience ... This, I would do again – definitely."

Tickets for the World of Beer's beer-pairing events are available on Webtickets.

Invite SAB to your Christmas lunch this year

Christmas in South Africa is hardly the stuff of snowmen, mistletoe, reindeer and roaring fires (unless they're braai fires, of course).

Make no mistake, we love the traditional fare that goes with Christmas: a range of roasts, crispy potatoes, fresh veggies, rich gravy, sauces, trifle, Christmas pudding and more. It’s just that we do things a little differently under the African sun.

When planning your Christmas menu this year, don’t forget to invite SAB to the party – there are myriad ways to pair our great range of beverages with your festive feast. Here are a few ideas to consider ...

With temperatures in the 30-degree range in many parts of the country during December, our Brutal Fruit cocktails or Flying Fish flavoured beer make the perfect welcome drink as family and friends gather to catch up on Christmas Day.

Served ice-cold in tall glasses with a sprig of mint for decoration, we suggest the preservative-free delights of Brutal Fruit cranberry and apple-ginger set up on a silver tray.

Light starters like prawns or smoked salmon pâté are well complemented by a Brutal Fruit of your choice. The bite of litchi or lemon offsets the saltiness of seafood, as does Flying Fish pressed lemon.

Outdoors, the Weber braai is the most fun way to cook a variety of Christmas roasts. Whether it’s a large gammon, turducken, turkey, Cornish hen, beef or lamb, a well-tended fire can deliver amazing results.

These rich meats with their accompanying sauces – beef with garlic and rosemary gravy; gammon with honey and mustard; lamb with mint sauce; turkey with gravy – lend themselves to pairing with SAB’s latest offering, Carling Blue Label.

This rich, malty beer is best described as being bold on the palate thanks to the use of a single malted barley in its creation – enjoy!

Those who prefer something a little lighter would do well with a cold Miller Genuine Draft. The popularity of this beer in more than 80 countries worldwide can be ascribed to Miller’s four-times cold-filtration process, which produces a golden lager with a very smooth finish.

The best part of the Christmas meal is often dessert. While home-made Christmas puddings laced with brandy and small coins are fun, a warm mince pie with fresh custard is not as rich, but is equally flavoursome.

Although not strictly Christmassy, a dessert that incorporates chocolate in some shape or form is guaranteed to be a hit. We found one that Jamie Oliver’s mum recommends – why not give it a try this year?

Before you serve this yummy pudding, serve small glasses of Castle Milk Stout Chocolate. With its dark colour, malty chocolate character and real cocoa in the ingredients, this is a perfect foil for your 2015 dessert.

The SAB World of Beer wishes you and yours happy holidays, Merry Christmas and bon appétit!

Tips for pairing Hansa Pilsner and Pilsner Urquell

In 1842, the city of Plzeň (or Pilsen in English) in the Czech Republic first produced a type of pale lager that would ultimately become popular across the globe. It combined brighter malt with Pilsen's wonderfully soft water, the Saaz nobel hops from the nearby town of Žatec and Bavarian-style lagering, creating a clear, golden beer that was immediately and widely loved.

It was called Pilsner (or pilsener, pilsen or pils), and its very first variety, Pilsner Urquell, became the world's first ever blonde lager.

Today, Pilsner Urquell is brewed by SABMiller and its impecable flavour, boasting 21 different taste notes, makes it a wonderful pairing for a variety of dishes.

Pilsner Urquell's aroma is distrinctively herby, with hints of molasses, nuts, biscuits, toasted caramel and malt. It's bitterness is balanced by caramel and toffee-like sweetness, making it the perfect pairing for bold, dramatic flavours. Pair it with strongly flavoured beef and pork stews, chicken kiev, duck, venison, Thai and Indian curries, goulash and roasts – anything, really, that can hold its flavour the way that this amazing beer can.

Like Pilsner Urquell, SABMiller's Hansa Pilsener also makes use of the nobel Saaz hop. SAB first launched Hansa in 1975. The Saaz hop, with its spicy, aromatic flavour, gave Hansa its unmistakable taste, making it one of South Africa's largest beer brands.

This is a beer that is crisp and light on the palate. It's best paired with light flavoured foods and seafood. Think crisp green salads with cream dressing, fried camembert in phyllo pastry and herby white fish. 

On these hot summer days, what could be better? 

A year of beer tastings awaits

In 2016, the SAB World of Beer will be continuing to serve up its pioneering (and downright delicious) beer-and-food pairing lunches every month.

These lunches, which the World of Beer first introduced in 2015, have been enormously successful and, month after month, attract beer lovers, foodies, and those curious about the artistic fusion of the two.

Guests are guided through the process by an expert in the industry, such as SAB trade brewer Anton Erasmus, ensuring that every subtle flavour is experienced and enjoyed.

"Beer complements food, it doesn’t just supplement it," says Erasmus. "The way we [SAB] process it, we put flavours into our beer that go well with cooked food and there is a complementarity in the grains. Beer goes with food because it is food ... a lot of the preparation is very similar."

The first beer-pairing lunch for the year will be a Valentine's Day lunch, held on Saturday, 13 February 2016. The delectable menu includes:

  • Smoked salmon rosettes on a toasty bruschetta with cream cheese and deep-fried capers
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Fillet of springbok carved on creamy mashed potato with a pink peppercorn sauce, vegetables and crispy pancetta
  • Deep-fried crumbed Camembert cheese wedge with red onion marmalade served with mini baguettes 
  • Decadent chocolate brownie with espresso Anglaise, berry coulis, vanilla ice cream and a phyllo fan

The beers with which each course is paired will be determined by the brew master.

Book your tickets today by contacting the World of Beer. Keep an eye on our blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, for information on our beer pairings each month.

Getting crafty: March's beer pairing

Our next beer-pairing lunch is fast approaching and, this time, we're getting seriously crafty.

The craft beer industry has taken the world by storm – and South Africa is no exception. Beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike have been drawn to the subtleties of beers that use a wider variety of ingredients in greater quantities to enhance flavour and overall quality. SAB's very own craft beer, No 3 Fransen Street, continues to be one of the best-selling beers at the SAB World of Beer Tap Room.

The flavours inherent in craft beers, typically richer and more complex than commercial beers, lend themselves naturally to being paired with unusual and interesting dishes.

With this in mind, the SAB World of Beer team has put together a menu unlike any other we've created before.

Our March craft beer pairing includes:

  • Cold oak-wood smoked salmon on a bed of crunchy baby leaves, rosa tomatoes and mandarin segments drizzled with ceviche dressing, served with No 3 Fransen Street Krystal Weiss
  • Slow cooked Asian-style pulled pork slider topped with creamy wasabi coleslaw and lightly sweetened maple syrup, served with paprika spiced potato wedges, served with No 3 Fransen Street Red Irish Ale
  • Apple and ginger granita Cape Malay shrimp and chicken curry served with a duo of jasmine and plain basmati rice, chutney, sambals and a poppadum shard, served with Carling Blue Label
  • Banoffee cheesecake with decadent chocolate crumble, served with a No 3 Fransen Street Cream Ale

This amazing offer comes with at a cost of R450 per person. Please note that this extravagant menu comes with two warnings: book early and come hungry. Bookings are open until Friday 4 March; contact us today.

The world's two types of people

As far as we're concerned, there are two types of people in the world: those who love the way we carefully pair food and beer, and those who haven't experienced it yet.

Our April beer pairing – taking place at midday on Saturday 16 April – is just around the corner and, once again, we've got something spectacular in store for you.

Our menu this month has been carefully crafted by our culinary team to bring you flavours that complement and enhance the SAB beers with which they have been paired. Take a look at the menu items below, and try to keep your salivating to a minimum. Actually, salivate all you want, but know that the only cure can be found in booking your tickets through Groupon today.

This month's menu includes:

  • Lightly curried butternut soup topped with a coriander cream, and served with a cheese straw. Paired with Peroni
  • Fillet of hake poached in milk and scented with cumin, napped with a dill yoghurt and micro herbs. Paired with Hansa Pilsener
  • Brutal Fruit Cranberry granita. Paired with Brutal Fruit Cranberry
  • Peppered fillet of springbok carved on to a creamy mash potato, with cumberland sauce, pearl vegetables and a pancetta crisp. Paired with Carling Black Label
  • A rich chocolate brownie with an espresso Anglaise and a vanilla ice cream. Paired with Castle Milk Stout

Grab your friends, your family, your colleagues – group bookings are welcome – and make sure you fall into the more enlightened and satisfied category of people on the planet.

Please contact us with any questions at all.

Haven't tried our beer pairings yet? Now's the time

Haven't been to one of our food and beer pairings yet? Where have you been?

Fortunately, the next one is coming up in no time at all and what's more, we're giving you the menu in advance, since it's sure to whet your appetite.

Our beer pairings include five delectable courses that are carefully paired with a variety of SAB brands. You are guided through your meal by an expert in the industry, who will point out the most subtle of aromas and flavours of food and drink alike.

Here's what you're in store for this Saturday, 13 August.

First course

Lightly curried butternut soup topped with a coriander cream and served with a cheese straw. Paired with Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Second course

Fillet of hake poached in milk and scented with cumin, topped with a dill yoghurt and micro herbs. Paired with Hansa Pilsener.

Third course

Cranberry Brutal Fruit granita. Paired with Brutal Fruit Cranberry.

Fourth course

Peppered fillet of springbok on top of a creamy mash potato with Cumberland sauce, pearl vegetables and a pancetta crisp. Paired with Carling Black Label.

Fifth course

Rich chocolate brownie with an espresso Anglaise and vanilla ice cream. Paired with Castle Milk Stout.

To book your spot, pick up your tickets on Groupon today. Alternatively, simply contact us, and we'll secure your table for the most decadent meal in town.

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